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Swimming lessons held in our indoor temperature controlled 25m and Learner Pool every day except Fridays!

Learn to Swim lessons from 3 months upwards. Highly qualified and experienced teaching staff. The infants program is unique to Bahrain and is a safe and enjoyable introduction to water.

Our aim for your child in our Learn to Swim program is to develop good strong swimming skills while enjoying the Learn to Swim experience. Skills taught in this program range from beginner water confidence to the more formal strokes, such as freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

We also run lessons for older children who are looking to learn to swim and have newly introduced classes for Adults both Beginners and Intermediate and Advanced Swimmers.

Please ask for our Detailed Timetable.

Guide to Swimming Levels.


Our Infants programme is extremely popular and is a great introduction to water providing an amazing bonding experience between parent and baby.  It is specially designed to teach water safety and awareness through toys, games, songs, motion and verbal communication.  Our Infant Classes are split into 4 levels depending upon the age of your child.

Lil Nippers – 3 months to 9 months
Nippers 1 – 9 months to 15 months
Nippers 2 – 16 months to 24 months
Jellyfish – 24 months to 36 months


Our Learn to Swim Programme lessons are designed to provide individual attention while maximising practice time which is successfully achieved by low student to teacher ratios in ability grouped classes.  As your child reaches the benchmarks for their ability they will be moved up to the next level therefore ensuring that they continue to be challenged and enjoy their swimming experience.

Penguins (3 and above)

Penguins are our children who have moved from our Infant’s programme and are ready to swim alone or those children who have little experience or confidence in the water.

Starfish(3 and above) and Goldfish (6 and above)

Starfish and Goldfish are our beginner levels.  We focus on water confidence, safety, steamline kicking and manoeuvring through the water for short distances.


Our Turtle programme is aimed at developing controlled overarm strokes and learning to lift heads for a breath.  We also work on backstroke kicking and submerging to retrieve an underwater object.  Lessons are taught in our learner pool over a distance of 8m.


Our Crocodiles are our children who are now ready to graduate to our 25m Squad Pool.  They will be developing the skills they learned in Turtles and working over a distance of 8m to 12.5m.


Children in Octopus level can independently swim over a 12.5m distance and will be learning to breathe to the side and increasing their endurance up to 25m.


Dolphins will be developing their breathing skills and will be introduced to backstroke arms, breaststroke and butterfly kick and diving.  They will be working over a distance of 25m.


Sharks aim to strengthen freestyle and backstroke and fine tune their breaststroke skills.  They will be introduced to the full stroke of butterfly and be working over longer distances.


Pre-Competitivesessions are 45 minutes long and put students through drills to get them ready for Squad and Competitions.  They will fine tune all of their skills and work on turns and diving.

Squad sessions are 1 hour long and are designed to attract and interest those able swimmers who are looking to further their technique, endurance and strength.  They will develop talent and technique and there will be opportunity to take place in small competitions against other organisations.

Adult Swimming

Please contact our Swimming Co-Ordinator for more information.

For more information please email Tracey Marshall