Sport Academy

Tae Kwon Do

Discover yourself and experience the Traditional & Olympic Taekwondo art of self-defence. All classes are supervised by Chief Instructor (SabumNim) FadiHumaidan, 5th degree black belt from the World Taekwondo Federation. Fadi has 20 years of experience in the discipline of Taekwondo. Students are encouraged to attend both sessions in order to help pass their examination and will be offered the discounted rate of:

Group 1:  BD125
Group 2:  BD150

Free Trial Lessons for Taekwondo – 2 Hours of Taekwondo Sessions.
Refer a Friend and get 10% Discount on the Fees
Group/Family Taekwondo Lessons with Discounted Rates
BSB Staff Discount Rates for Taekwondo Lessons